Roger Akoury

Partner, curator & entrepreneur

Roger is a successful entrepreneur with business interests in Eastern Europe and the Middle East. A founding partner at YTAA since the firm’s establishment in 2008, he currently divides his time between managing projects on both continents and is also co-founder of the KA Modern and Contemporary Art Space in Lebanon. “Architecture must first deliver on its purpose. At its heart architecture must be the creation of something practical – if it isn’t this then it is purely art. Once it is established as practical, then the experimentation can become part of the design. I’m currently closely involved in the creation of a Museum of Modern Art in Bucharest. This is a perfect example of relevant and contextual architecture. Within a historic building we’re creating a contemporary space by combining our knowledge with the latest design and construction techniques. I favor a minimalist style of architecture, but I feel the key to all great projects is that everything must be there for a reason – and this reason must be apparent. A key aspect of enduring and successful architecture is that is demonstrates restraint and reasoning.