A599 Project

  • Achrafieh, Beirut-Lebanon


    Achrafieh, Beirut-Lebanon
  • 620 sqm


    620 sqm
  • Completed


  • Type

  • Consulting Structural Engineer

    Nabil Hennaoui S.A.L
  • Consulting Mechanical Engineer

    Wissam Tawil & Associates / MEP engineers S.A.L
  • Consulting Electrical Engineer

    Wissam Tawil & Associates / MEP engineers S.A.L
  • Built Area

    9,000 sqm
  • Client

    Al-Mawarid Real Estate S.A.L.
  • Project Manager

    ASAM sal - Ayman Sanyoura Architecture & Management S.A.L

This residential building, on a 9,000 sqm triangular site at the intersection of two busy Beirut streets, posed the question of just how we inhabit the urban environment today.

With 16 apartments and retail space on the ground floor, the solution chosen is delivered through the vertical stacking of floor plates around a central core. The structural façade allows a great deal of flexibility for the ways in which the building can be inhabited both in plan and in section. Single floor apartments, duplexes and penthouses can be integrated into the volume in a nearly random pattern so that each resident is satisfied with their own space.

  • Site Plan
    Site Plan
  • Mass Plan
    Mass Plan
  • 2nd Floor Plan - Option 1
    2nd Floor Plan - Option 1
  • 2nd Floor Plan - Option 2
    2nd Floor Plan - Option 2

Gardens and terraces run along two facades but above all, at the point of intersection of the two structural faces of the building, the slabs are no longer visible and the building takes on the appearance of a single element.

We compare this effect to the approach to a temple where the first view of the building reveals a unified structure whose details are discovered only as the visitor approaches.


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