• A599 Project - Achrafieh, Lebanon

    A residential building on a triangular site at the intersection of two busy Beirut streets, questions how we inhabit the urban environment.

  • Kalani Beach Resort, Halat, Lebanon

    We’ve created 5 guest spaces, effectively refuges, along a 220 m sea front. We drew the sea into the site by creating double-height concrete shells giving the effect of a sailing regatta.

  • SC Villa - Akoura, Lebanon

    Located on a cliff edge and faced in locally hewn stone, SC Villa delivers a sense of direct emergence from the mountain. We enhanced this feeling by erasing all visual connection with the ground.

  • VR Villa- Ajaltoun, Lebanon

    The topographical disposition of this site led to a somewhat counterintuitive approach: to view the site as one would a highly structured piece of architecture.

  • CT Villa- Faqra, Lebanon

  • ED Villa - Faqra, Lebanon

  • KR Villa - Kea, Greece

  • MW Villa - Saadiyat, Lebanon

  • Regie Villas - Bucharest, Romania

  • Regie Cultural Center - Bucharest, Romania



  • SC Villa

    Located on a cliff edge and faced in locally hewn stone, SC Villa delivers a sense of direct emergence from the mountain. We enhanced this feeling by erasing all visual connection with the ground. Read More
  • T Villa

    Challenging the relationship of architecture within its environment, at surface level our work offers little impression of itself, yet below encompasses three strata of expansive livable concrete space. Read More
  • VR Villa

    The structure’s gentle contours reflect its topographical placement.  Two expansive roofs trace the outlines of two floors. Read More
  • Kalani Beach

    5 guest spaces, effectively refuges. Double-height concrete shells give the effect of a sailing regatta. Read More
  • MARe

    Here, the process consisted of demolishing the original brick structure and then reconstructing it in black concrete. Read More
  • M Villa

    An architectural extension of the mountain, its external presence is that of a monolith. Yet inside – open plan. Read More

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In the press

YTAA in the media

Reflecting interest in our work and a growing number of calls from local press and specialist global architectural media, we’re delighted to have shared our stories, passion and inspiration. A selection of coverage can be read below.
  • Selections Magazine - September 2016

    “Our design for Brazza allows for evolution,” says Elrouss. “It puts the human being in the centre of the city and is part of nature. It creates liberty.” More than that, Brazza will serve as a glorious example for all of France…” Read More
  • Le Figaro - June 2016

    “Youssef Tohme – The Visionary Architect. He succeeded in winning the confidence of the Bordeaux authorities thanks to the magnificent design of the University of Saint Joseph in Beirut”. Read More
  • Platform - January 2016

    “Provactive, it surprises inhabitants with its interpretation of the landscape. With no outer skin, no envelope, it seems no more than an interior, all the more stunning for the way it creates apparently seamless interaction with the exterior.” Read More
  • Domus - November 2015

    “…YTAA is reconstructing an extensive part of Bordeaux’ right bank by following the principles of reappraisal, reclamation and rehabilitation applied to a former industrial zone…” Read More
  • D'architectures - July / August 2015

    “On a mountainside overlooking the city, the view towards the sea impressive; with Beirut to the left and scanning to the right, northwards, up to Byblos." Read More
  • Bauwelt - April 2015

    “Youssef Tohme is rooted in Lebanon. Beirut’s current construction boom is generating a welcome boost for its smaller builders. This is something he considers part of today’s urban and rural landscape.” Read More


YTAA Talks

From time to time we’re invited to speak on a range of architectural topics. A selection of recent coverage can be viewed below.


The latest news, conferences and projects from YTAA.
  • Paris - October 2016
    Music in the City

    In October, and as part of the European music industry’s key MaMA three-day event, Youssef was invited to speak at a round-table discussing the role of music in today’s cities. Cultural actors and musicians are being given a greater role in the future, and panellists discussed how urban redevelopment can further facilitate this.
  • Bucharest - October 2016
    Structure of Habitats

    Together, Youssef and Anastasia visited Bucharest’s Ion Mincu University of Architecture and Urbanism (UAUIM) and presented highlights of YTAA’s recent and ongoing projects.
  • Montreal - September 2016
    International Symposium

    Along with other international architects and academics, Anastasia was invited to Canada and spoke at a symposium focused on the Outremont campus of the Université de Montréal, where its future was compared to international cases – Beirut and YTAA’s example of USJ was presented.
  • Bucharest - September 2016
    Mai Mult Ca Abstractul (MAMUCA)

    Hosted at Bucharest’s Museum of Contemporary Art – a recent and currently ongoing project of ours – as part of the city’s The White Night of Galleries combined an art exhibition with a building site and showed the works of 25 artists. The first 300 visitors were issued with safety helmets – not for the sake of the site but rather because, in the words of the organisers, “art can be tough”.
  • Hamburg - June 2016
    Wilhelmsburg Competition

    The vast scale of Hamburg’s Wilhelmsburg area presents a fundamental challenge to the contemporary city. Here, we aim to develop inhabitable volumes rather than surfaces - places genuinely capable of being used, not just spaces to be filled.
  • Milan - May 2016
    Archmarathon Awards

    May saw a return to Italy, this time for Anastasia to present our project Villa T in the Private Housing category at Milan’s Archmarathon, an event which hosted around 10,000 architects throughout its three days.
  • Youssef Tohme awarded ‘La médaille de l’urbanisme’ from France’s Academy of Architecture

    Youssef Tohme awarded ‘La médaille de l’urbanisme’ from France’s Academy of Architecture

    A rare honor from France’s Academy of Architecture – in Youssef’s case for his work around the region of Bordeaux.
  • Bologna - April 2016
    Conference on Urban Peripheries

    In April, we took part in the international Conference on Urban Peripheries in Italy at the Urban Center Bologna. Moderated by Karine Dana and Manuel Orazi, new perspectives on the exchanges in the areas of science, technology, medicine and urban planning between “urban peripheries” were opened up.
  • Paris - February 2016
    Les entretiens de Chaillot

    In February, Youssef was invited to Paris as a guest of the Ministry of Culture and Communication for The Interviews of Chaillot, a series of monthly interviews with French and foreign architects, where he spoke on the structure of habitats.
  • New Offices

    New Offices

    We found our ideal space for growth, within an old industrial building that had previously been utilized as a tannery. Read More
  • MIPIM Conference 2015

    We attended the annual MIPIM Conference in Cannes, France during March and presented Brazza Bordeaux updates to the congress. 
  • Forum des Projets Urbains 2015

    We presented the Brazza Bordeaux project during the Forum des Projets Urbains at the Palais des Congrés in Paris.
  • Conference Marseille 2015

    During the annual Conference Marseille, we presented our projects  to an assembled audience of students and architects.
  • Brazza Bordeaux Steering Committee

    We secured a place on the steering committee for the Brazza Bordeaux project. 
  • Intensive Beyrouth by Youssef Tohme

    Intensive Beyrouth by Youssef Tohme

    Youssef’s impassioned (and multi-award winning) architectural treatise is dedicated to Beirut and delivers a declaration of love for his tormented city.