• Photography © Nadim Asfar



Founded in 2008, YTAA - Youssef Tohme Architects and Associates, is an international architectural practice located in Beirut.


The Way We Work

Through a perpetual examination of what the true basis of a building is, the practice experiments with materials that have many faces. Our experimentation with materials and context delivers buildings that do not remain static, but instead that evolve and transform with time and as they are inhabited.

It is our reflection on, and interpretation of, different contexts and our vision of how these contexts work together that defines YTAA.
Our work is more about the experience of living the project than merely defining the shape of it. We create an experience that empowers the visitor rather than empowers us as architects.

Photography © Nadim Asfar

The Team

  • Working with consultants from within Lebanon as well as globally, it is our Beirut home that shapes us. The city and country are permanently in a state of creation and have long been at the center of shaping other societies as well as our own. We’re part of a society that has developed sensitivity and adaptability, in particular in regard to location and culture.


Team Members

  • Muhammad Mahdi

    Muhammad Mahdi

  • Helen Korban

    Helen Korban

  • Tara Salibi

    Tara Salibi

  • Marc Boulos

    Marc Boulos

  • Lea Saad

    Lea Saad

  • Michel Wanna

    Michel Wanna

  • Jihane Abou Ghazali

    Jihane Abou Ghazali