Agora 2014 Biennial of Architecture, Planning and Design, Bordeaux

  • Bordeaux


  • 643,000 sqm


    643,000 sqm
  • Completed 2014


    Completed 2014
  • Type

  • Director General of Planning

    Michèle Laruë-Charlus
  • General Commissioner

    YTAA - Youssef Tohme Architects and Associates
  • Scenographer

    Inside Outside - Pétra Blaisse
  • Critic and journalist

    Karine Dana
  • Director of six films for Agora 2014

    Gladys Joujou

For each edition of the Agora exposition, the City of Bordeaux appoints a commissioner along with a set designer and a graphic designer.

Meanwhile, a team from Bordeaux builds and coordinates the Biennale and implements the Agora event. In 2014, with its theme of ‘The Public Space’, YTAA’s Youssef Tohme was appointed commissioner of the exposition, saying at the time; “The public space is a valuable field for the transformation of everyday life. Because it is the space of possibilities, it has the power to draw us out of ourselves. Its value depends on its potential for experience and adventure.”


  • Bordeaux - The Mobile Space

    Bordeaux - The Mobile Space

  • Beirut - The Overflowing Space

    Beirut - The Overflowing Space

  • Japan - The Interstitial Space

    Japan - The Interstitial Space

  • Mexico City - The Informal Space

    Mexico City - The Informal Space

  • Ouagadougou - The Porous Space

    Ouagadougou - The Porous Space

  • Skopje - The Symbolic Space

    Skopje - The Symbolic Space

  • Agora - 2014

    Agora - 2014

    2013 press conference with Alain Juppé, Mayor of Bordeaux, and Youssef Tohme, curator of the 2014 Agora architecture biennale.
  • Agora - 2014

    Agora - 2014

    As part of the 2014 Agora architecture biennale, Youssef Tohme discusses the Brazza Bordeaux project.
  • Agora - 2014

    Agora - 2014

    In-depth 2014 interview with Youssef Tohme on the evolving concept of ‘the public space’.


  • Le Moniteur - October 2014

    “I wanted people to see Agora as a place to invest, I want visitors will revel and partake in the experience of the public space.” Read More
  • Bauwelt - October 2014

    “The city on the Garonne makes it clear how urban development can be discussed between architects and residents.” Read More
  • Maison Française Magazine - September / October 2014

    “The public space is the theme chosen for Agora 2014. Fashionable, shared, political, conflicting sometimes also threatened, it represents indeed a difficult concept to grasp, to which everyone has his vision or claims.” Read More
  • Rue89 Bordeaux - September 2014

    “Agora is over, but am I satisfied? We must ask the Bordelais! Because in the end, the subject of the public space, as you know, generates many different opinions!” Read More
  • Sud Ouest - September 2014

    “Awaken the individual. The Lebanese architect Youssef Tohme is the curator of Agora 2014. The Bordeaux architecture biennale this year addresses the public space.” Read More
  • EK Magazine - August / September 2014

    “To be successful, a public space should create a link between the individual and their society; it’s a connection that can be extremely fragile in nature.” Read More
  • Rue89 Bordeaux - July 2014

    “At the end of 2012, the city of Bordeaux invited the architect and urban planner Youssef Tohme to pilot the Brazza neighbourhood developement in collaboration with the landscape architect Michel Desvigne and the design office Ingérop. He will also be the curator of the Agora biennale in September.” Read More
  • Le Festin - July 2014

    Award Winning Architecture. The 6th Bordeaux Biennial of Architectural, Urbanism and Design, which will take place from 11 to 24 September, has been in preparation since April. Here, with pictures, are the architectural prize winners.  Read More
  • Courrier Gironde - June 2014

    “Society changes, the economy too, but the public space evolves more slowly. We are questioning the essence of the public space.” Read More
  • Stradda supplement - June 2014

    Agora, a biennial event of architecture, design and town planning in Bordeaux, is looking at ‘the public space’ for this edition. Its curator is the Franco-Lebanese architect-planner Youssef Tohme, with the Dutch scenographer Petra Blaisse. On the menu: an exhibition at the H14, a program with debates open to all. Read More
  • Residences decoration - June 2014

    Enjoy the 6th edition of Agora, the Bordeaux Biennale, and discover the 19 projects awarded as part of this event dedicated to architecture, urban planning and design. Read More
  • Sud Ouest - June 2014

    “Agora is pushing its boundaries in to the public space. With a headline theme of the public space, it’s also giving pride of place to culture.” Read More
  • Sud Ouest - March 2014

    “A public space is successful when one feels at home, when we feel there's attachment to the society”. Read More
  • L'Express - December 2013 / January 2014

    “Youssef Tohme, architect and curator of the 2014 edition of Agora, and Michèle Laruë-Charlus, the city’s director general of development, lay the foundations of the biennial’s architecture and urbanism.” Read More
  • Vivre en Gironde - June 2013

    “Alain Juppé and Youssef Tohme present the main lines of Agora, a biennial of architecture, urban planning and design for the city of Bordeaux.” Read More