CAI - Crédit Agricole Immobilier

  • Bordeaux, France


    Bordeaux, France
  • 3,080 sqm


    3,080 sqm
  • Currently Ongoing 2015-2018


    Currently Ongoing 2015-2018
  • Type

    Residential Mixed Use
  • Consulting Structural Engineer

    Bet Betri
  • Consulting Mechanical Engineer

    Bet Vivien
  • Built Area

    12,400 sqm
  • Client

    Crédit Agricole Immobilier
  • Consulting Electrical Engineer

    Bet Vivien
  • Consulting Landscape Architect

    Debarre Duplantier

The new district, for our client CAI - Crédit Agricole Immobilier, offers a mix of homes, retail units and artisan spaces.

Its 9,030 sqm of housing across three buildings features a 40 m tower as their dominant motif, and embraces the concept of adaptable architecture through five kinetic and transformable structures. We’re utilizing purity and creating several structures with double facades allowing for the inclusion of external gardens. We’re reflecting the industrial context of Brazza and allowing the inhabitant to live with the Garonne river and to experience it through generous external spaces.

  • Location Plan
    Location Plan
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  • Plan 1
    Plan 1
  • Mass Plan
    Mass Plan
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