CAM Project Cambridge School Campus

  • Bucharest, Romania


    Bucharest, Romania
  • 50,000 sqm


    50,000 sqm
  • Newly Appointed 2016


    Newly Appointed 2016
  • Type

    School Campus
  • Built Area

    20,000 sqm
  • Client

    Cambridge School
  • Local Architect

  • Project Manager

    Walid Zaarour
  • Consulting Landscape Architect

    Ana Marti Baron
  • General Contractor

    Colina Development SRL - ACMS

We imposed a challenge upon ourselves - to create this school campus in a park as an extension of Bucharest’s Baneasa Forest rather than a series of traditionally juxtaposed buildings.

The site has pre-existing buildings from the communist era, and sits within a densely grown - and long-time neglected - space. The park absorbs historical layers and conflictions and creates a welcoming internal shared space for the students. For the students we’ve created a concurrent system of contrast and exchange between spaces of control and spaces of liberty. Control spaces (classrooms and teacher’s offices) are located in the reinvigorated communist-era buildings - their repetitive and systemic structure lends itself wholly to this. The direct connection with the forest was ensured through two new buildings where we positioned the art classes, the music room, the gymnasium and the library; all the places where the student will experiment liberty using their own skills and expression.

  • Plan 1
    Site Plan
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  • plan 3
    Conceptual Sketch
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    Conceptual Sketch 2
  • plan 5
    Conceptual Sketch 3
    Mass Plan
    Diagram 1
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    Diagram 2
  • CLOUD GF Plan
    Cloud GF Plan
  • CLOUD 1st F Plan
    Cloud 1st F Plan

These buildings, the closest to the forest will become as an extension of it. Their light facades finishes absorbs the color of the surrounding trees.

The exchange between the pre-existing buildings happens through the landscape and the inserted functions in the multifunctional buildings housing many activities including a theatre, gymnasium and swimming pool. Those buildings responds as a territorial landmark to the city of Bucharest, becoming an attraction point not only to the students but also to the public.