Nantes Competition

  • Nantes, France


    Nantes, France
  • 16,615 sqm


    16,615 sqm
  • Completed


  • Client

    Nantes Métropole Habitat
  • Type

  • Consulting Landscape Architect

    D'Ici Là Paysages
  • Consulting Electrical Engineer

    AIA Ingénieurie
  • Consulting Mechanical Engineer

    AIA Ingénieurie
  • Consulting Structural Engineer:

    AIA Ingénieurie
  • Consulting Acoustical Engineer:

  • General Contractor:

    Vinci Construction

The starting point for the city is purely ‘to live’. The development of l’Ile de Nantes, its relationship with the sky, the earth, the air, and its large open spaces has inspired the opportunity to live within the landscape.

We want to explore and to extend this relational construction, something that, to us, represents the essential qualities of any habitat. This desire for exchange between a rich geographic environment and new spaces for living offers an opportunity to question our ways of living and to redefine their implementation. To do this we start from the space experienced, from the space of the individual. The new scenarios of life are infinite. We must not seek to stifle them, but rather to stimulate their evolution and transformation. New design targets need to be set that allow us to go beyond the typical programmatic features and thereby achieve real benefits in the places where we live. 
  • Interior

Using loggias of great height, terraces, gardens and balconies, at l’Ile de Nantes we will produce a flexible housing concept that is in exchange with the outdoor spaces of the city.

To ensure it will be the spaces for living that define the fundamental values of the city and the landscape is essential for delivering the enduring qualities for urban life. It is the basis of exchange and sharing: the foundation of public space. Our restoration of space and individual freedom means that inhabitants will spontaneously participate in, and be part of, the city.