In the Press

YTAA in the Media

Reflecting interest in our work and a growing number of calls from local press and specialist global architectural media, we’re delighted to have shared our stories, passion and inspiration. A selection of coverage can be read below.
  • IW Magazine

    IW Magazine - May / June 2015

    “With no outer skin, no envelope, it seems no more than an interior, all the more stunning for the way it creates seemingly seamless interaction with the outside. It seems to run, to fly, to twist and turn, to constantly confront us with our sense of dimension and relationship with the world.”Read more
  • Domus

    Domus - May 2015

    “…the family house designed by these Lebanese architects does not impose on the landscape as a volume, but rather as an architectural promenade that rests on the slope…”Read more
  • Bauwelt

    Bauwelt - April 2015

    “Youssef Tohme is rooted in Lebanon. Beirut’s current construction boom is generating a welcome boost for its smaller builders. This is something he considers part of today’s urban and rural landscape.”Read more
  • Beaux Arts

    Beaux Arts - November 2014

    “Consider the public space as an area of constant transformation. Such is the belief of the architect Youssef Tohme and of the city of Bordeaux. This is the exhilarating essence of their future Brazza district.”Read more
  • Wallpaper

    Wallpaper - October 2014

    “Brazza revolves around two elements: the flexible volume and continuous landscape. Instead of a fixed number of square metres with a predefined programme, here you get a 5m tall volume plus the liberty to transform it.”Read more
  • Bauwelt

    Bauwelt - October 2014

    “The city on the Garonne makes it clear how urban development can be discussed between architects and residents.”Read more
  • Le Moniteur

    Le Moniteur - October 2014

    “I wanted people to see Agora as a place to invest, I want visitors will revel and partake in the experience of the public space.”Read more
  • Maison Française Magazine

    Maison Française Magazine - September / October 2014

    “The public space is the theme chosen for Agora 2014. Fashionable, shared, political, conflicting sometimes also threatened, it represents indeed a difficult concept to grasp, to which everyone has his vision or claims.”Read more
  • Vivre Bordeaux & l’Aquitaine

    Vivre Bordeaux & l’Aquitaine - Fall 2014

    “Society is changing, but the city is not changing at the same pace, so there are sometimes gaps. We cannot create our public spaces in the same way as they were in the last century.”Read more
  • Les Inrockuptibles

    Les Inrockuptibles - September 2014

    "The exchange between the individual and the collective creates public space." Society is changing and cities with it. For the architect and urban planner Youssef Tohme, curator of the Agora exhibtion 2014, the public space is "a frame that connects people."Read more
  • Libération

    Libération - September 2014

    “Today, there is fertile ground for innovation. Amidst the post-war anarchy, we sought solutions with hasty reconstructions that were not appropriate. Now we must ask how this city really reflects us”.Read more
  • Rue89 Bordeaux

    Rue89 Bordeaux - September 2014

    “Agora is over, but am I satisfied? We must ask the Bordelais! Because in the end, the subject of the public space, as you know, generates many different opinions!”Read more
  • Sud Ouest

    Sud Ouest - September 2014

    “Awaken the individual. The Lebanese architect Youssef Tohme is the curator of Agora 2014. The Bordeaux architecture biennale this year addresses the public space.”Read more
  • EK Magazine

    EK Magazine - August / September 2014

    “To be successful, a public space should create a link between the individual and their society; it’s a connection that can be extremely fragile in nature.”Read more
  • Rue89 Bordeaux

    Rue89 Bordeaux - July 2014

    “At the end of 2012, the city of Bordeaux invited the architect and urban planner Youssef Tohme to pilot the Brazza neighbourhood developement in collaboration with the landscape architect Michel Desvigne and the design office Ingérop. He will also be the curator of the Agora biennale in September.”Read more