YTAA Talks

From time to time we’re invited to speak on a range of architectural topics. A selection of recent coverage can be viewed below.
  • Bordeaux-Quartier Brazza - 2017

    For France 3, Anastasia El Rouss and the Deputy Mayor of Bordeaux, Elizabeth Touton, discuss the development of Bordeaux-Quartier Brazza.
  • Archmarathon - 2016

    Anastasia Elrouss introduces the concept for Villa T during 2016’s Archmarathon Awards in Milan.
  • Archmarathon - 2016

    YTAA’s concept for Villa T. Anastasia Elrouss addresses the conference at 2016’s Archmarathon Awards in Milan.
  • MTV News - 2016

    YTAA’s Anastasia Elrouss interviewed in April 2016 for MTV News, highlighting a Lebanese architectural accomplishment in Bordeaux, France.
  • Reimagining Urban Beirut - 2015

    Three writers and urban experts - Marlène Ghorayeb, Youssef Tohme and Eric Verdeil discuss the development of the city of Beirut.
  • Agora - 2014

    As part of the 2014 Agora architecture biennale, Youssef Tohme discusses the Brazza Bordeaux project.
  • Agora - 2014

    2013 press conference with Alain Juppé, Mayor of Bordeaux, and Youssef Tohme, curator of the 2014 Agora architecture biennale.
  • Agora - 2014

    In-depth 2014 interview with Youssef Tohme on the evolving concept of ‘the public space’.
  • An Architect for a World Without Limits - 2013

    Youssef Tohme at TEDxBordeaux 2013.
  • Kalam Ennas - 2013

    2013 LBCI news feature and interview with Youssef Tohme on his work at Brazza.
  • Bauwelt - 2012

    Youssef Tohme interviewed by Bauwelt in 2012 on the USJ Project in Beirut.

Agora 2014

Taking its theme for 2014 as ‘The Public Space’, curator of the Agora architecture biennale, Youssef Tohme, recorded a series of films capturing the public experience in six cities. “The public space is a valuable field for the transformation of everyday life. Because it is the space of possibilities, it has the power to draw us out of ourselves. Its value depends on its potential for experience and adventure.” Experience these cities through the eyes of Youssef.