Our team won the competition Inventer Bruneseau, launched in 2017 by the Semapa. The future district is intertwined with the boulevard périphérique ring-road. Architects: Youssef Tohme Architects & Associates, Hardel Le Bihan, Adjaye Associates, Buzzo Spinelli. YTAA will be building the 180m high housing tower.

  • Ilot sur le Parc

    YTAA wins "L’îlot sur le Parc" competition in Marseille.

  • BLF Disaster Center

    Approached by the principal idea of bunker, this project, which is nearing completion, exhibits a duality between a brutal exterior and the inviting common interior essence reflecting our rethinking around a contemporary disaster center.

  • A599 Project

    A residential building on a triangular site at the intersection of two busy Beirut streets, questions how we inhabit the urban environment.

  • Kalani Beach Resort, Halat, Lebanon

    We’ve created 5 guest spaces, effectively refuges, along a 220 m sea front. We drew the sea into the site by creating double-height concrete shells giving the effect of a sailing regatta.

  • Quartier Bordeaux-Brazza

    Delivering a fresh urban identity. On an area of 550,000 sqm, with mixed-uses including hotel, offices and leisure, we’re blending innovation with alternative architecture in a spirit of openness and engagement.

  • T Villa - Kornet Chehouane, Lebanon

    Challenging the relationship of architecture within its environment, at surface level our work offers little impression of itself, yet below encompasses three strata of expansive livable concrete space.

  • SC Villa - Akoura, Lebanon

    Located on a cliff edge and faced in locally hewn stone, SC Villa delivers a sense of direct emergence from the mountain. We enhanced this feeling by erasing all visual connection with the ground.

  • USJ Campus

    Representing a bold design with idiosyncratic Brutalist expression, integrating the city into the project while extending public space vertically, and rationally arranging services in the lower levels.

  • VR Villa

    The topographical disposition of this site led to a somewhat counterintuitive approach: to view the site as one would a highly structured piece of architecture.

  • M Villa

    The twin strategy of extending this house into the landscape outside and integrating the landscape with the interior creates a sensation of contradiction that lies somewhere between liberty and confinement.

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