In the Press

YTAA in the Media

Reflecting interest in our work and a growing number of calls from local press and specialist global architectural media, we’re delighted to have shared our stories, passion and inspiration. A selection of coverage can be read below.
  • The Inventory Beirut

    The Inventory Beirut - March 2017

    “As an architect, the relationship between order and chaos is what makes Beirut a platform for experimentation. It forces you to take one position, a starting point, beyond which we have the liberty to experiment. It delivers a positive impact on architecture.”Read more
  • Selections Magazine

    Selections Magazine - September 2016

    “Our design for Brazza allows for evolution,” says Elrouss. “It puts the human being in the centre of the city and is part of nature. It creates liberty.” More than that, Brazza will serve as a glorious example for all of France…”Read more
  • Le Figaro

    Le Figaro - June 2016

    “Youssef Tohme – The Visionary Architect. He succeeded in winning the confidence of the Bordeaux authorities thanks to the magnificent design of the University of Saint Joseph in Beirut”.Read more
  • Elle Decoration

    Elle Decoration - March / April 2016

    “Villa T, a building almost without a surface, almost without walls and thus without limits. A beautiful work designed Youssef Tohme - a gem to be added to the valuable list of radical dreams made real by the master of concrete architecture.”Read more
  • Platform

    Platform - January 2016

    “Provactive, it surprises inhabitants with its interpretation of the landscape. With no outer skin, no envelope, it seems no more than an interior, all the more stunning for the way it creates apparently seamless interaction with the exterior.”Read more
  • Domus

    Domus - November 2015

    “…YTAA is reconstructing an extensive part of Bordeaux’ right bank by following the principles of reappraisal, reclamation and rehabilitation applied to a former industrial zone…”Read more
  • D'architectures

    D'architectures - July / August 2015

    “On a mountainside overlooking the city, the view towards the sea impressive; with Beirut to the left and scanning to the right, northwards, up to Byblos."Read more
  • Executive Life

    Executive Life - Summer 2015

    “A good project can’t be done without a good client. It’s always a dialogue”, Tohme says. “At the same time, there’s something interesting, which is that we know how to adapt ourselves, because we live in a society that’s always afraid of disappearing”.Read more
  • L'Orient-Le Jour

    L'Orient-Le Jour - June 2015

    ""La médaille de l’urbanisme" was awarded to Youssef Tohme. Another milestone in the career of this architect who refuses to stop and instead continues to rise."Read more
  • Archistorm

    Archistorm - May / June 2015

    “…the challenge was not to arrive at a new response to secure themselves a place in the story, but instead to ask “where do we live?”Read more
  • IW Magazine

    IW Magazine - May / June 2015

    “With no outer skin, no envelope, it seems no more than an interior, all the more stunning for the way it creates seemingly seamless interaction with the outside. It seems to run, to fly, to twist and turn, to constantly confront us with our sense of dimension and relationship with the world.”Read more
  • Domus

    Domus - May 2015

    “…the family house designed by these Lebanese architects does not impose on the landscape as a volume, but rather as an architectural promenade that rests on the slope…”Read more
  • Bauwelt

    Bauwelt - April 2015

    “Youssef Tohme is rooted in Lebanon. Beirut’s current construction boom is generating a welcome boost for its smaller builders. This is something he considers part of today’s urban and rural landscape.”Read more
  • Beaux Arts

    Beaux Arts - November 2014

    “Consider the public space as an area of constant transformation. Such is the belief of the architect Youssef Tohme and of the city of Bordeaux. This is the exhilarating essence of their future Brazza district.”Read more